species identification

by Patrick
(Wellington, NZ)

Hi all, I recently purchased this what I believe to be a banzai tree at a garage sale, unfortunately I know zilch about banzai tree's and so was wondering if anybody could help me identify its species so I can learn how to care for it properly?
Any help appreciated- thanks!


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Apr 27, 2014
Juniper I think
by: steve

Hard to tell from your photo but it looks like a juniper of some sort.

Water when dry, probably daily in summer and as required thru winter. This is assuming it is planted in a well draining bonsai mix (which is what it needs to be in really).

Keep outside ALWAYS and full sun at least 1/2 the day (morning best I believe).

Feed fortnighty during spring and summer with liquid fert (follow instructions exactly) exept mix to 1/2 normal strength.

Repot in spring by removing form pot, carefully cut away 20mm of soil from bottom and sides and repot using a fine gravel or pumice (avoid actual soil as holds too much water (bonsai like to be kept moist but not swimming in water or roots tend to rot out).

Pinch back in spring (don't use clippers to trim foliage) as this leaves more unsightly dead bits than pinching

Needs a fair bit of work but it good you bought it. Hope that helps.

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