Roots Over The Rock

by Milano M. Ledesma
(Pozorrubio, Philippines)

I choose Ficus as my Bonsai specimen on this kind of style, on top of rock. It has its ability to reproduce rigorous roots which is essential in grasping the rock to have its firm stand.

I've been training it for 4 years, in which the trunk then was a size of my pinky as you may compare result now almost twice of my thumb in actual size. Patience counts alot before we can produce atleast a convincing miniature tree.

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Jan 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you on your bracing insigth and suggestion. Yes, Ive done prunning and established crown before I left it. Good Luck to youu too on your exquisite hobby.


Jan 29, 2012
Nice but COnfusing
by: WashingSHi

ok good aerial roots are present but you have to trim the upper foliage...or wire something up...try it in summer where it will release its full re bloom of the concina fig...mine started from sprouts i gathered somewhere near the side of our its fairly good... easy to grow jsut needs little soil ...mine is growing fat even though its mostly aerial roots & little soil. Good Luck to ur fig

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