Respect :)

by Carlos Diaz
(Monterrey, N.L. Mexico)

Hello, I am from Mexico, far away from your country, but I want to post our tree, this little one started to grow into a little plastic pot, and I noticed that it looks a little bit different from other plants, and I decided to put it into another pot, and after almost 4 years, this is our baby...our friendship is based on RESPECT, I have never cut anything from it, in fact I do not know if it is a real Bonsai by definition, but I do not have the courage to cut any branch from it, just because I do not know what to cut........
If you have any suggestion, it is welcome! :)


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May 06, 2012
How to prune for dummies :)
by: Anonymous

Frank: Thanks for your comment, and believe me I know I have to do something now,I'll do some prune as you said, in the top, but sure I will look for some reading to start this important task for me :) thanks again for your help!

May 05, 2012
A nice suggestion
by: Frankfurtcheese mongolia

well the more you pay respect to it...the more it will grow tall if you don't prune it...i suggest you get a handbook on basic bonsai in your local bookstore and try reading rather than perceive how to cut you precious as you would have by next time on if you may or may decide to cut the are surely the right thing...ok...any more further tips ask away:) hope i helped

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