Rachel's bonsai

by Rachel Aronoff
(Echandens, Switzerland)

swiss 'volunteer' fir tree for bonsai

swiss 'volunteer' fir tree for bonsai


This fir tree started in between a couple of rhododendrons under our mature beech tree several years ago, and I recently decided to try making it into a proper bonsai. It has now survived a first vacation away, with some care from a neighbor, but I am worried about it being able to survive the winter ahead. It is gorgeous, but likely will be pruned more (especially the downward growing bits) - if it survives...
I am not actually sure how active this site is, but will also send a note to the contact us page for your recommendations in this regard.

To be optimistic, I thought I would go ahead and send this to you already...

Thanks for all the info in your site and your interest in efforts of others like me!


Rachel Aronoff, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
AGiR! (www.genomicintegrity.org)
Action for Genomic integrity through Research!
Co-president (with Vanessa Lorenzo)
Hackuarium (www.hackuarium.ch)
#DIYbio #citizenscience #DoItTogether

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