New to Bonsai guy.

by Michael Dunn
(Las Cruces New Mexico USA)

I am a total beginner at bonsai. I did a SMALL amount of research and decided to try my hand at it. I decided to go with a Japanese dwarf garden juniper because they seem to have good bones to start with. All ive done is prune it and not even sure ive done it right. I have done a minimal amount of root cutting. This is my first attempt at bonsai so please be nice.1. I would like to know what style you would say it is. I'm guessing cascade.2. What did i do wrong?3. How and when should I go about cutting roots and re-potting? I am open to all constructive criticism's so by all means let me know your full opinion. Thank you for all your answers.

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Jun 11, 2011
no picture
by: will brown

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