My First Tree

by Tammy Keammerer
(St. Albans, WV)

BONSAI !!!!!

BONSAI !!!!!

I read the easy instructions, went out and bought a Juniper of some sort, then came home and read the instructions again. By morning I figured I was armed with just enough information to get me in trouble. I pulled it out of the pot, dug in with a fork and removed all the dirt and dead roots. I then trimmed the roots, but not sure if I trimmed enough or not. I replanted the shrub in my new pot with new soil. I then sunk the pot into a 5 gallon bucket of water until it quit bubbling. I laughed at myself until I couldn't laugh anymore as clumps of dirt bubbled right up out of the pot. It must have worked because I pulled it out of the water, put fish tank gravel on top and let it sit for a few days before I did any trimming. I didn't know if it would live or die. But a few days later I trimmed it up to what the picture you see looks like. A few days later (today) I wired the branches and will see what happens.

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Aug 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thank you. It is my first try and I had a really great time. With the easy instructions I had a lot of fun doing it and am already looking forward to trying it again and again with different types of trees and shrub. Anyone thinking about this needs to just pick out the tree or shrub you want to work with and I really don't think you can go wrong.

Aug 12, 2009
by: Judith

Looks like a great first effort to me.

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