japanese and trident seedlings

by logan
(redding California )

I recently came about a dozen 1 and 2 year old Japanese and Trident Maple seedlings. I'm brand new to Bonsai I've bought a book and read a lot on the internet. I am currently collecting full size maples but am running out of acceptable filtered light so I thought I'd try my hand with something smaller. I'd like to grow them in the ground for larger trunks but that's not an option because my soil is clay and even if I added additives I don't think it would drain properly. Also proper sunlight will be an issue so I'd like to make them mobile. I'd like some advice on soil container type, soil types and fertilizing these little things proerly. Eventually I'd like to make one forest planting and a few traditional uprights and then experiment with a few in advance techniques a long way down the road any insight would be helpful. I live in northern California where it gets super hot but I've managed to keep my full size maples healthy with only minor leaf burn. Thanks for your time I look forward to any info you have.

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Oct 21, 2015
maples - make boxes
by: Anonymous

here's a video I found on youtube that shows how to make wooden boxes. The guy that makes these is an expert bonsai pot maker. I make wooden boxes very similar for my Yamadori (collected trees) that need to go into something for a while before bonsai pots)


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