Help Needed. Anyone?

by Brian Png
(Kuching, Sarawak, East MAlaysia.)

Buxus Harlandi?

Buxus Harlandi?

I got this tree 6 years ago.
I pruned the messy branches and a few dead branches.
I reported it twice ever since and maintained it.
Just don't know how to prune down further. Any suggestions? The tree is quite tall 31" from top of the pot to it's tip and about 32" across.

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Jan 24, 2010
i'll tell u some tips in pruning this plant
by: Anonymous

first you have to find the apex...or so be the pointed part...the the plant should resemble somewhat not into the direction it should not be facing, cut it down or wire it to that direction. after sensing for an appropriate shape for the tree, wire all, i mean all of the branches, use differesnt sizes for different branches, primary should be the thicker part use thick wire there, use regular aluminum wire for the outer branches,remove those grass like figures, i would prefer moss because it shows the plant somewhat has been in that pot for decades and is 100% age-like and harmoniousa to this type of tree,after wiring, picture the plant as more likely of a triangle shape, with layers of the foliages like clouds, look to some simple styled bonsai specimens in some bonsai books, or in the net...other than this site there is nothing wrong with what you do, you just have to tell yourself that i am good at it and i will become great at it...seriously, when doing bonsai, you just have to imagine what branch to cut off and what it would have to stay for a more eye-catching all depends on the wires and your wiring, if you want it formal, semi-formal, or cascade, its up to you, you are the maste of the tree you're shaping...

-Louie Siy Philippines (8 yr ethusiast)

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