First Bonsai - Need guidance !

by Vishwas
(Bangalore, India)

Ficus Panda - nursery plant

Ficus Panda - nursery plant

Hi Folks,

Having admired Bonsai for many years now, I finally decided to take it myself and finally purchased a Ficus Panda from a local nursery along with the necessary supplies. I have been reading up a lot of material and still am a rookie and have many questions. All the beginner videos show partly or fully developed plants being potted in a Bonsai pot. In my case, the plant which I plan to create a Bonsai is a 12 Cm's/30 Inches tall including the pot.

1. Is the plant developed enough to be potted or should I wait for it to develop some more?

2. If the plant needs to still develop some more before it can be potted, should I transfer the plant to a bigger pot or in the ground and then transfer it to the Bonsai pot?

Any inputs are much appreciated and will help me kick off my first Bonsai project.

Thank you

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