Bonsai Care and Maintenance

Care of bonsai can be very simple or you can spend hours rewiring and changing your trees, you will know how long you have but basic care is as follows.

Just a reminder Bonsai trees are out door plants I know the temptation after creating this thing of beauty and placing it in such a nice pot is to bring it inside and look at it. Don't it will kill it or at best make it weak and unhealthy. The best you can do is treat it as you would a vase of flowers and bring it in when you have guests or need a center piece on your dinner table but don't leave it indoors for more than two or three days at a time.

Your new tree will need a little bit of special care for a short time.

Place it in a shady spot out of the wind

Keep it well watered but not in a puddle

Don't be tempted to feed your plant there will be plenty of nutrient in the new soil and feeding may damage the newly developing roots.

Your tree will last for at least a year in the pot it's in without repotting and at least 6 months without feeding. You may need to feed it through spring and summer after this period Any liquid food will be ok mix it about half the recommended rate but use it more regularly as the frequent watering and the shallow pot leaches fertilizer quite fast.

Repotting should be carried out in early spring, the plant should be carefully removed from its pot and about one third of the soil and root is removed. The plant can then be replaced in the same pot with fresh soil. This repotting helps feed and keep your tree healthy, repotting promotes new feeder roots and is not the reason for the trees diminutive size.

There are two things that I can't stress enough and have been the cause of the death of so many trees

Grow them outdoors even when its cold or wet

Keep the soil moist don't let it dry out in between watering some of the roots that feed your plant may be as small as one cell thick kill them kill the tree. Find a reliable person to look after you plants when you take that summer holiday.

My Juniper procumbens 'Nana'

The finished tree just awaiting time to complete its development

Any questions

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