Bonsai Rosemary from Nursery Stock

This stock was selected from a local Nursery, while its not perfect it has enough branches to work with, remember Rosemary will come away from old wood.

Cut back the top of the bag this helps keep the remaining roots damp while you work. Rosemary has a very fibous root system but by removing some soil you will find where the main roots begin.

Remove any small roots you have exposed and tidy up around the larger roots.

Trim away any small branches that are obviously not part of the overall design, ie. small branches below your first branch and branches that protrude from the bottom of main limbs.

Have a look and decide on your overall design. Remove anythig that isn't part of it. You can wire at this stage but remember Rosemary can be very brittle on old wood and is liable to break where the branch meets the trunk if you are not very careful. Foliage will recover very quickly and it is an ideal plant to practice your clip and grow techniques

Pot your tree, this pot is large for this size tree but it will allow for some fast growth to fill out the foliage pads. Remember to keep pinching the tips of new growth to keep it compact.

This tree has been in training for less than a year it is starting to put on a bit of growth now but already it could use a repot

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