Bonsai Photos

These contributions are from new bonsai artists and are newly created bonsai.

If you have a photo of your first Bonsai or a newly created tree you would like to share please send it to me here.

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Juniper Blaauw
Selwyn Williams

This picture was sent in by Maen Doughan who collected this Olive from the wild four years ago. What a fantastic trunk !!

Junes Ficus

All the way from the Philippines a Balite Ficus (Ficus bengalensis)from June Dell Cruz her first tree now 11 years old.

Some photos of plants from the Auckland Bonsai Convention

Azalea bonsai
bonsai elm
bonsai elm
bonsai maple
bonsai pine
bonsai pohutukawa

These are a few plants from my collection

elm on rock

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