Absolute Beginners

by David
(Taupo, New Zealand)

I received this Blue Spruce three years ago.

Until recently it was heavily overgrown, with the foliage completely enveloping the container. As I reduced the canopy and exposed the trunk it was apparent that the foliage weight had split the top leaders into a forked junction. However the wound had healed and is quite well sealed with new bark. The weight reduction has eased any stress on that junction and given the tree a point of interest.

I am not sure that the tree conforms to any particular style but now enjoy the shape and texture of the trunk.

I have also started a collection of seedling trees as a long term experiment. So far they are growing rapidly.

From left front: Yet to germinate Oak, Larch Pine, English Oak, Maple, Silver Birch and NZ Pohutukawa.

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