Insect Pests

I will be adding pages to this area on a regular basis. The pictures below should give you some indication as to what bug is affecting your plant. If you find your bug click on the photo to find out more about them and the best control method.

Quite often Insect infestation can be controled by manual methods, just pick them off. If possible use this method before resorting to chemical means. Chemicals are very indiscriminant and alread over used. I have tried to give natural methods of control where possible and a list of natural preditors for your bug. While these will not wipe out everything like a spray might you should be able to keep on top of most problems

A few of things to watch for if you have a bug problem.

  1. Keep your plants well spaced, don't over crowd your benches.

  2. Remove host plants from around your trees.

  3. Bugs tend to attack stressed trees first make sure your trees are well fed,watered and cared for as well as controling the pest

  4. Keep a healthy clean work area. Don't work on diseased or infested plants in the same area as you work on your other trees. Dispose of infected soil and plant material carefully and clean work surfaces.

  5. Keep your plants outdoors. You will find that the natural elements will control the populations of most pests. An indoor environment will not usually provide the right conditions for your plant but it's great for pests. If you do grow your plants indoors consider taking them outdoors for at least one season a year.

Passion Vine Hopper

Mealy Bug


Scale come in many different shapes and sizes. While your pest may not look like the one in the picture don't rule out Scale.


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