Bonsai For Beginners

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Here in New Zealand winter is upon us, a time to spend a little time away from our bonsai. You can stop pinching new growth, watering every day and mixing fertilizer and sprays. If you do have a few trees now is a good time to clean up around them, remove weeds and dead foliage. Make a note of those that will need repotting at the onset of spring. Which according to my "NZ Kowhai" has already arrived. I think its flowered about three times already this year.

Rosemary - from nursery to bonsai pot.

This is a great plant that is seldom seen as a bonsai, but is ideal for the beginner.
It's cheap to buy, it flowers, it has small dark leaves, it's not prickly and as a bonus it smells nice when you cut it.

Rosemary originates from the warm coast of the Mediterranean, so you must keep it in a warm sunny location. In colder loacales bring it indoors during winter.

It blooms all through the year and buds without resting. In spite of living in dry locations, rosemary, if it is well cared for will grow very rapidly but you need to ensure it does not dry out, so water it well. Also in winter, when other trees are resting, rosemary continues its activity and soil drys out faster than you may think. To keep it vigorous, regular fertilizering is essential this will keep it budding and flowering all year long.

Suitable styles,

multi trunk
over a rock

Pruning and wiring

Old branches harden and are very brittle, so basically shape rosemary by pruning. Wire only while the branches are young, up to about 2 years. You need to get the basic shape right if you want a good bonsai.
Fertilize often to thicken the trunk and branches. The tree buds well from the trunk but when pruning it it is safer to make sure that there are buds at the base of the branches. Rosemary roots are very vigorous and need repotting each year. Repot in spring after pruning the branches. The number of branches and leaves are reduced quite a bit, to keep the tree in balance cut off as many roots as you did branches. If you don't, the tree will be unbalanced and the roots will soon fill the pot. Use fast draining soil mix. The mix ratio mentioned on my web site would be fine.

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Photos of Rosmary nursery stock to Bonsai

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