Bonsai Group Planting

Once again I will start this News Letter with an apology for the time between this and my last installment. I have had a few e-mails from people who have recently signed up and not received anything. This is not a problem with your computer just a poor work ethic on this end. A lot has happened since the last communication we have made it through a summer a Christmas into a new year and now much to my shame an Easter.

At least it has started to rain again and I can get a few nights off to send out these letters. I hope all your trees made it through the Christmas break it is a difficult time for a lot of bonsai owners. Trees need regular watering and you want to go on holiday. We have a young girl who looks after our trees who has been well trained in the importance of good watering, even so I worry while away.

Group Planting

The fact that I am so behind at getting this out has worked somewhat in our favor as I can show you a one month on photo at the end of the series that would otherwise have had to wait.

This series I have attempted to show you the basic concept of group planting. This group is not meant to look like the finished product as the plants I am using should have been pruned and grown on before they were used. It should show you the basic layout for a group and give you some ideas as to where your plants should go. As the trees I have picked develop I will update this demo.

I went to a nursery that I use a lot intending to find some swamp cypress for this demo. I did find some nice trees but on the way out I found these plants in the reject bin for $2 each and I could not pass them by.

Corky Bark Oak Quercus Sober

The swamp Cypress we found

To save you the download time on your e-mail I have put this demonstration on a page on the web-site. This page is not in the directory so only you have access to it at this point, so use this link or copy and paste the URL from here to get to it.

Group Planting