Bonsai tools

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Basic tool set

Including concave cutter, knob cutter, root scissors, pruning scissors, leaf scissors. This is the set I have been using for the last six years and with a few additions from the tool box it works just fine.

$89.00 plus postage

Bonsai tools large set

This set has it all two sizes of concave cutter, large knob cutter, wire cutter, jining pliers, two sizes of trunk splitter, one branch bending clamp, root scissors, pruning scissors, and leaf scissors a root hook and a soil rake with round end for getting down the edges of the pot and finally a small brush to keep your work area clean. All in a zip up case to keep it all together.

$195.00 plus postage

Bonsai Turntable

This really helps when you are styling your tree, you can quickly rotate your plant to view it from any angle without having to lift it and risk damage.
$15.00 plus postage

Bonsai root hook

You can just bend an old fork but this will be much easier. They are built tough and comfortable to hold perfect for raking out those more stubborn roots.

$10.00 plus postage

Bonsai rake

I kind of thought this was just for show until I got one. As it happens it is great for removing those stubborn plants from the pot. The spade end frees the roots from the pot and helps leaver it out. The rake end helps with weeding and teasing out fine roots. I wouldn't be without one now.

$10.00 plus postage
sorry sold out

Bonsai cut paste

Seals out moisture and helps prevent rot. There are two schools of thought on this one some say use it others say it isn't necessary It's only $10 so why not.

$10.00 plus postage
sorry sold out

Bonsai branch bender large

For bending branches up to about 2cm thick.

$15.00 plus postage
sorry sold out

Bonsai branch bender small

For bending branches up to 1cm thick.

$12.00 plus postage
sorry sold out

Bonsai wire

This is annealed brown aluminum wire. We have it in four diameters 1.5mm, 2.5mm,2.5mm,3.5mm and 5mm they are in 100gm rolls.
$6.00 per 100gm roll plus postage

Branch saw

For those bigger cuts or removing you air-layer. Comes in a hard plastic pouch

$20.00 plus postage
sorry sold out

A DVD or download that goes into greater detail on Bonsai styling techniques. The link below will take you to a new page where you can choose the format and read more about the author.

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