Bonsai DVD

Bonsai DVD BY Peter Mc Mahon

When I was first starting out with bonsai I read every article and book I could find but I always ended up just looking at the pictures. While this isn't a bad thing and infact the more mature bonsai or pictures of bonsai you can look at the better, I found it hard to learn from books, the authors always seemed to get caught up in their own imprtance and tried to deliberately make it more complicated than it needed to be. This video simplified the whole process for me. I could sit and watch and learn in a visual practicle way at my liesure. I find that if you can see it being done its much easier to understand.

Peter McMahon is a leading exponent of the art of bonsai in New Zealand. Peter holds diplomas of Bonsai and Saikei from the Nippon Bonsai Institute of Japan and the Koreshoff Academy of Australia. Throughout the video he covers bonsai tools, bonsai pots, bonsai soil, repotting, wiring techniques, styling, after care and selecting suitable bonsai material.

Peter has kindly allowed me to convert his video into DVD format and offer it on my website for others to learn from.

There is approximately one hour of professional tuition that you can come back to time after time for only

$30 NZ plus postage and packaging.

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I am sorry the Dvd has sold out for the moment I still have copies in VHS video format for $30 NZ. If you would still like a DVD you may like to check out the DVD below.